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So, this one is kind of personal. We are husky owners and know all too well about dogs that have separation anxiety. It's like they know as soon as you're getting ready to leave the house. We feel as though it's not only the dogs that experience this. As dog owners, and also being introverted as well. I'd rather stay home with my dog! Call us crazy but we'd enjoy a dog's company over humans. We definitely can't be the only ones! Now don't get us wrong this isn't to the extreme that we don't leave our houses. Just more times than not, maybe we'd just rather stay home. This shirt is exactly that, and letting everyone know just how we feel. A simple design, a shirt that is affordable and hoping there's others that feel the same. Now we know that not everyone is a husky fan. So that's why we looked up some of the more popular dog breeds and created shirts with them as well.



The idea behind this shirt came from always hearing people say, I'd rather be "fill in the blank" than working or doing whatever. Always seems like we'd rather be doing something else. Ever just been at work and thought about that next hunt, fishing trip, hiking adventure, golfing, etc. So have we, especially when it finally some nice weather and you're stuck at work. We find ourselves daydreaming about it. So, we decided to create a simple shirt that we can relate to, and we hope we find others who feel the same! 


As long as I can remember, we've always had a dog in our lives. Couldn't imagine a life without a dog. If anyone can relate to that, then you'll understand where the idea behind the came from. "I left my dog home for this" shirt is for the people who understand that missing your dog when you're at work, social event, etc. Comes with the territory of owning a dog. Finding out that sometimes it wasn't worth leaving our fur babies at home by themselves.

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